Anoka County Library - Poetry Workshops

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Fund Source
Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund
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Proposed Measurable Outcome(s)

Measurable Outcomes may be collected by survey, anecdotal responses, pre-test/post-test, observations; End user change in Behavior, Attitude, Skills, Knowledge, Condition and/or Status.Children will have a greater understanding of poetry. They will learn the basics of acting and staging through theater games and improvisation.

Project Overview

In celebration of National Poetry Month (April 2010), Anoka County Library sponsored a series of poetry workshops in select branch libraries in cooperation with the Lyric Arts Theater.

Project Details

Total # of Programs/Activities: 4 workshops and 4 presentation
Total attendance: 36 children in workshops/ 50 family members attended presentations

Dates and Locations:
* April 3, 2010, Rum River Library
* April 10, 2010, Northtwon Library
* April 17, 2010, Centennial Branch Library
* April 24, 2010, Mississippi Branch Library

Organizational Partner: Lyric Arts Theater

Lyric Arts Theater provided 4 - three hour drama workshops at Anoka County Libraries on the topic of poetry presentation. Workshop structure included curriculum design, workshop instructor and program promotional design and production.

Thirty six children participated in four poetry workshops. They read and listened to poetry, interpreted poems in improvised scenes and worked on a performance.

50 family members attended the poetry performance and were also exposed to poetry.