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KAXE - Stay Human Essays

Project Details by Fiscal Year
Fund Source
Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund
Recipient Type
Non-Profit Business/Entity
In Progress
Start Date
July 2017
End Date
June 2019
Legal Citation / Subdivision
Minnesota Laws, 2017, Chapter 91, Article 4, Section 2, Subdivision 19
Appropriation Language

$1,470,000 the first year and $1,666,000 the second year are to the Association of Minnesota Public Educational Radio Stations for production and acquisition grants in accordance with Minnesota Statutes, section 129D.19.

Number of full time equivalents funded
Proposed Measurable Outcome(s)

A majority of listeners surveyed will affirm that the essays they hear on Stay Human increase their access to and appreciation for the writer's art, storytelling, and the art of the spoken word in MN. This radio market is not measured with statistical accuracy; thus, audience size will be estimated. Audience size will be determined by fundraising response, feedback from listeners, and the placement of the program in the broadcast scheduleCollect responses from writers featured on the program that illustrate the expected outcomes of the ACHF. Collect responses from listeners through email, social media, web statistics, survey comments, etc.The organization will assure fiscal responsibility through a clean audit that fairly represents the finances of Northern Community Radio

Recipient Board Members
Kent Montgomery, Charlie Parson, Marie Kne, Julie Crabb, Doug Baker, Jack Shelton, Christina Brown, Chris Bergquist, Eric Ramlo, Dave Lathrop
Project Overview

Ampers has heard from many teachers that they would like to use some of the programs that we produce in their classrooms and they would like easier access to the programs. For this project Ampers will take several steps to make it easier for teachers to access existing and new artistic, historical and cultural programs. The website will be enhanced to allow teachers to download entire series rather than individual segments. We are trying to secure booths at educational conferences and will be working with the Department of Education and other resources to help get the materials into more classrooms.

Project Manager
First Name
Last Name
Organization Name
Association of Minnesota Public Educational Radio Stations (Ampers)
Street Address
2175 Cool Stream Circle
Zip Code