Missoula Children’s Theatre - 2011

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Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund
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Otter Tail
Otter Tail
Project Overview

Over six days, two actors/directors from Missoula Children’s Theatre conducted auditions and held daily rehearsals for children and teens to perform in an original musical play based on a children’s folktale. On the final day, two performances were held for the general public.

Project Details

Event Dates, Locations and Attendance at each individual event: June 13-18, 2011 – Pelican Rapids High School; June 20-25, 2011 – New York Mills High School
Partner Organization(s): The two schools
Partner Organization(s) Contribution/Role in the Program: provided spacepublic libraries hosting the events registered participants, designed and carried out publicity, provided general supervision; designed and printed playbills 

Program Outputs:

  • 37 total participants during 12 days of rehearsal
  • 298 audience members saw 4 performances

For details regarding title of play performed contact Viking Library System.

2011 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
Proposed Measurable Outcome(s)

Measurable Outcomes may be collected by survey, anecdotal responses, pre-test/post-test, observations; Describe proposed end user change in Behavior, Attitude, Skills, Knowledge, Condition and/or Status.

  • To introduce children to live theatre. 
  • To give some children the opportunity to act on stage. 
  • To refine the acting skills of children and to help all children gain confidence.
Measurable Outcome(s)
  • The impact of their involvement with the project was noted by the parents, grandparents and caregivers of the children. 
  • They reported that the children “blossomed that week”; “came out of her shell”; “overcame stage fright” etc. 
  • Audience members also enjoyed the live theatre experience. 
  • The professionalism and compassion of the Missoula staff was also frequently noted.
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