KBFT - Outdoor Series

Project Details by Fiscal Year
Fund Source
Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund
Recipient Type
Non-Profit Business/Entity
Start Date
July 2016
End Date
September 2017
Project Overview

This project will invite community members to discuss and participate in Traditional Hunting, Fishing, Netting, Trapping, Snaring, Plant Identification, Gathering, Harvesting and also focus on modern-day activities like snowmobiling, sleding, skating, skiing, sled dogging, Orienteering, Survival techniques/skills. Snow Shoeing, Recreation Vehicle Use. Gun Safety. The goal is to create historical discussion and provide a look into Minnesota Outdoor Heritage from a Bois Forte perspective. July 1 2016 - June 30, 2017 0.1 Website /Social Media stats/listerner survey/solicited & unsolicited feedback/PRX stats website and Facebook statistics, results of listener surveys, number of PRX downloads, use and feedback from community and schools. 24 Segments for a total of 120 minutes

Legal Citation / Subdivision
Minnesota Law, 1st Special Session, 2015, Chapter 2, Art. 4, Sec. 2, Subd. 6 (e).
Appropriation Language

$1,600,000 each year is appropriated for a grant to the Association of Minnesota Public Educational Radio Stations for production and acquisition grants in accordance with Minnesota Statutes, section 129D.19.

Number of full time equivalents funded
Measurable Outcome(s)
  • Website and Facebook statistics
  • Results of listener surveys
  • Number of PRX downloads
  • Use and feedback from community and schools
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Organization Name
KBFT 89.9 FM, Bois Forte Tribal Community Radio
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13090 Westley Drive
Nett Lake
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