AMPERS-Fon du Lac Pays Tribute to Vietnam Veterans

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Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund
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Non-Profit Business/Entity
Start Date
July 2015
End Date
June 2017
Project Overview

Each year, the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, honors all veterans, both Native and non-Native, at its Annual Veterans’ Pow Wow. In 2016, the Fond du Lac band has an added attraction for Pow Wow attendees, as it welcomes “The Moving Wall,” a half-size replica of the Washington, DC Vietnam Veterans Memorial and has been touring the country for thirty plus years. The program “Veterans’ Voices: Remembering Vietnam Veterans,” previews the upcoming events honoring veterans, with a specific focus on those who served during the Vietnam era.

This program explores the contribution, challenges and legacy of Veterans during the Vietnam War, through the voices of Fond du Lac Veterans and community members. The aim of this program is to provide a deeper understanding of what Vietnam Veterans faced during and following their service in a controversial and unpopular war, as well as their personal struggles and the post-war advocacy, that led to changes in public attitudes and support for all service members, then and now.

Legal Citation / Subdivision
Minnesota Law, 1st Special Session, 2015, Chapter 2, Art. 4, Sec. 2, Subd. 6
Appropriation Language

$1,600,000 each year is appropriated for a grant to the Association of Minnesota Public Educational Radio Stations for production and acquisition grants in accordance with Minnesota Statutes, section 129D.19.

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Proposed Measurable Outcome(s)

More Minnesotans of all ages, ethnicities, and incomes will have access to Minnesota History and more specifically Native American history. This project will produce content that can be used by history teachers in Minnesota classrooms This project will produce content that can be used by the Minnesota Historical Society as well as the public libraries Ampers will provide an estimated number of listeners reached through radio broadcasts, the internet and social media, as well as the number of stations that aired the program

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