Microfilm Duplication, Miller Collection

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2013 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
Fund Source
Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund
Minnesota Air National Guard Historical Foundation
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Non-Profit Business/Entity
In Progress
Start Date
January 2013
End Date
January 2014
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Project Overview
To add 2 rolls of microfilmed records from World War II to broaden public accessibility to primary records.
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Board Members and Qualifications
Minnesota Historical Society Governing Board: William R. Stoeri, President Missy S. Thompson, Vice President Ruth Huss, Vice President D. Stephen Elliott, Secretary Dean M. Nelson, Treasurer Suzanne Blue Brenda J. Child Robert Bruininks Judith S. Corson D. Stephen Elliott Phyllis Rawls Goff William D. Green David R. Hakensen Ruth S. Huss Martha Kaemmer Dennis L. Lamkin David M. Larson Charles Mahar Dean M. Nelson Elizabeth M. Nordlie Dennis Nguyen Peter R. Reis Hussein Samatar Simon Stevens Susan Kenny Stevens William R. Stoeri Karen Wilson Thissen Missy Staples Thompson Eleanor Winston Ex-Officio: Mark Dayton, Governor Yvonne Prattner Solon Lieutenant Governor Mark Ritchie, Secretary of State Lori Swanson, Attorney General Rebecca Otto, State Auditor
Advisory Group Members and Qualifications
Historic Resources Advisory Committee Mark Peterson, Winona (Chair) - Executive Director, Winona County Historical Society - Governor's appointee to Minnesota Sesquicentennial and Minnesota Humanities Commissions - Qualified in history, historic preservation and history museum administration Leanne Brown, Eden Prairie - Director of Development, Carver County Library/Library Foundation - Formerly, Executive Director, Carver County Historical Society - Qualified in history, project management and museum studies Jack Byers, Minneapolis - Manager, Minneapolis Community Planning and Economic Development Department (CPED) - Manages CPED's Preservation and Design Section - Qualified in historic preservation, architecture, urban geography and planning Tamara Edevold, Bagley - Executive Director, Clearwater County Historical Society - Active in Minnesota's Historic Northwest, regional historical organization - Qualified in history, archaeology, anthropology and history museum administration Ram Gada, Eden Prairie - Engineer - Active in the documentation of Minnesota's East Indian community - State Historical Records Advisory Board (SHRAB), former member - Qualified in engineering, energy consulting and grants administration William Latady, Tower - Bois Forte Deputy Tribal Historic Preservation Officer - Curator, Bois Forte Heritage Museum - Qualified in archaeology, anthropology, historic preservation and history museum administration Benjamin Vander Kooi, Luverne - Attorney practicing as Vander Kooi Law Offices, P.A., in Luverne, MN - Active in Vote Yes! Campaign - Past chair, MN State Arts Board - Advisor, National Trust for Historic Preservation - Qualified in historic preservation, nonprofit and grants administration Brenda Child, Minneapolis - Chair, Department of American Indian Studies, University of Minnesota - Enrolled member, Red Lake Nation - Qualified in history, American Studies and American Indian Studies Nicole Foss, Bemidji - Executive Director, Beltrami County Historical Society, Bemidji, MN - Qualified in anthropology, historical archaeology, library and museum fields Kris Kiesling, Roseville - Director of Archives and Special Collections at University of MN Libraries - State Historical Records Advisory Board (SHRAB) member - Qualified in library and archives, digital services and history Jan Louwagie, Marshall - Coordinator, Southwest Minnesota Regional Research Center, Southwest Minnesota State University - Founding member of Society for the Study of Local and Regional History - Former member of State Historical Records Advisory Board (SHRAB) - Qualified in history and archival administration Ann Meline, Saint Cloud - Deputy Director, Stearns History Museum, St. Cloud - Formerly Assistant Director/Public Programs managing Exhibits, Collections and Education Departments - Former grant reviewer for Institute of Museum and Library Services - Qualified in history, nonprofit and museum administration Peter Reis, White Bear Lake - President, White Bear Lake Area Historical Society - Chair, Minnesota Historical Society's Grants Review Committee - Qualified in history and nonprofit and grants administration William Stoeri, Minneapolis - Ex-officio member (president of the MHS Board) Missy Staples Thompson, Saint Paul - Ex-officio member (treasurer of the MHS Board)
Legal Citation / Subdivision
Laws of Minnesota for 2011 Chapter 6, Article 4, Subdivision 5, Statewide Historic and Cultural Grants.
Appropriation Language

Statewide Historic and Cultural Grants. $5,250,000 the first year and $5,250,000 the second year are for history programs and projects operated or conducted by or through local, county, regional, or other historical or cultural organizations; or for activities to preserve significant historic and cultural resources.

2013 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
Other Funds Leveraged
Direct expenses
Proposed Measurable Outcome(s)

The target was greatly exceeded, thanks to the information provided by the vendor (Northern Micrographics). The original cost of $190.00 was derived from prices at the MHS website, but at the time of duplication, MHS no longer provided microfilm duplication services. MHS staff helpfully provided the vendor that it now uses, and after weighing the options, the volunteer decided that Northern Micrographics was the best choice.

Mr. Pechacek was also very helpful in negotiating a change in the project: while the minimum rate for any job was $250.00, the cost to duplicate one reel of 35mm microfilm was only $25.00! Therefore, Mr. Pechacek helped the volunteer negotiate a contract of 10 duplicate reels (5 each of the 2 original negative microfilm reels) to make best use of the grant funds. The volunteer ultimately decided upon 8 positive duplicates (4 each of the 2 original negatives) and 1 negative safety copy (2 each of the 2 originals). The volunteer paid via credit card a fee of $261.16 and received a $190.00 reimbursement, absorbing the remaining $71.16 herself as a gift to the museum.

Special Collections accessioned and cataloged the microfilm, and also offered to digitize it as PDFs to eventually be hosted on the library's website.

Not only did this allow the museum to send 1 set (1 reel each of the 2 originals) of positive microfilm to Hennepin County Special Collections as planned in the original grant, satisfying the purpose of greater (public) access to the microfilm, it also allowed the administration area of Hennepin County Library (at Ridgedale Library) to hold one set of positives and the safety copy of negatives in the administration area for safekeeping. The Museum is considering getting a safe or a safety deposit box. The other 4 sets of positives have been placed with the originals in the Miller Collection and cataloged.

In addition, with the help of the Hennepin County Library's microfilm printer (at Ridgedale Library), a complete hard copy printout of both reels will be made with the library's microfilm printer at no cost to the museum, and the hard copies can then be foldered, placed with the Miller Collection at the MNANG Museum, and cataloged. Therefore, at least a hard copy version of the two microfilm reels will also be available for reference at the MNANG Museum.

Thanks to the vendor, who encouraged the volunteer to get the most value for the grant dollars awarded, extra copies were made for the same amount of money as would have cost to merely make one duplicate each of the two original reels. Four each in the Miller Collection is rather a lot, but there seemed to be no justification for making fewer copies than the minimum charge ($250) would allow.

Recipient Board Members
Kurt Wiessner, Richard Wiessner, Ray Pittman, Richard Heinecke, Deon Ford, Bob Minish, Jerry Kyser, Vikki Getchel, Karen Wolf, Michael Drews, Terry Morris , Tom Simonet, Colonel Wyneken
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Minnesota Air National Guard Historical Foundation
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PO Box 11598
St. Paul
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345 W. Kellogg Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55155