Arts and Photography, Murals and Sculptures

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2013 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund
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July 2012
End Date
June 2013
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Lake of the Woods
St. Louis
Lake of the Woods
St. Louis
Project Overview

Arrowhead Library System provided local patrons with Arts and Photography experiences at public libraries and other public venues. The Murals and Sculptures program provides public artworks in community libraries. These artworks celebrate one or more community-specific, artistic, cultural and/or historical attribute(s) of the community where the artwork is located. They are placed in high-traffic locations either inside or outside each of the libraries for all to enjoy.  Two public libraries submitted a request for qualifications: Two Harbors Public Library and Silver Bay Public Library.  Two artists were contracted to create an 8' x 8.5' oil painting with mosaic work called Girl Reading on Train. An artist was contracted to create a series of four nature paintings for the Silver Bay Public Library reflecting the nature and wildlife in the region. The Duluth Art Institute brought an interactive and accessible art project to the region -- participants learned how to transform fluffy, colorful sheep's wool into a fun, felted butterfly. Photographer Doug Ohman traveled the region to give presentations on historic sites and structures in Minnesota and 26 libraries hosted one of seven different programs available. A Regional Artist Tour took place in the Arrowhead Region. Professional photographer Cal Rice presented programs at ten local libraries called Bhutan - A View from the Top of the World. Cal spent two weeks in the Himalayas and documented his journey with photographs. Mark McCarty presented a program called Create Slide Shows from your Photos at multiple libraries in the ALS region. He taught basic computer skills and how to create musical slide shows using photos in order to preserve those photos normally stowed in shoe boxes under beds.

Project Details

The Murals and Sculptures artwork was installed by December 31, 2013. 370 adults and youth attended the Duluth Arts Institute workshops. 346 adults and youth attended the Doug Ohman presentations. 327 adults and youth attended the Cal Rice programs. 155 adults and youth attended the Mark McCarty programs.

Legal Citation / Subdivision
Laws of Minnesota for 2011 Chapter 6, Article 4, Subdivision 4
2013 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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Proposed Measurable Outcome(s)

The intended outcome of the Murals and Sculptures program is to produce a lasting public artwork that reflects the community's art, culture, and history, that allows acknowledgement and celebration of community identity and inspires creative reflection.

Measurable Outcome(s)

The Murals and Sculptures artwork will be installed and available for anyone and everyone to see at no cost. A survey was distributed. Some of the youth comments from the Duluth Arts Institute programs, taking place November 5-17, 2012, include they liked making butterflies with wool, they learned a new craft (how to felt), and they liked taking home their craft projects from the library. 100% of Doug Ohman Presentation survey responders said they would attend another program like this again at the library. Some of the comments include: "It is important to capture and preserve our Minnesota History" and "Please keep this series going -- MN history at its best!" The Doug Ohman programs took place January 1-February 6, 2013. 89% of the Cal Rice program attendees said they would attend another program like this at the library. Some comments include: "It was like watching a PBS documentary only live!" 95% of the Mark McCarty program attendees said they would attend another program like this at the library. Comments include: "He achieved his aim to make people feel like they can really do this" and "I feel like I could go home and attempt this!" Programs took place October 10-November 6, 2012.

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Arrowhead Library System

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Arrowhead Library System
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