Guthrie Theater Training Department classes

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Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund
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Proposed Measurable Outcome(s)

The goal was for attendees of these classes to learn skills for acting, memoir-writing, stage combat, storytelling, and/or social dance, with the goal of expanding knowledge and/or experience in these areas. Attendees were given an optional survey asking what they took away from the classes taught.

Measurable Outcome(s)

"A great program--repeat!""Fun to be with friends and try something new, get out of my comfort zone. The instructor was awesome!""My 3 girls really enjoyed themselves.""I learned a lot and am inspired!"""Really made me think.""Inspiring, easy to grasp, helpful, open. I couldn’t [improve it] without adding many hours.""She gave us so many new ideas!""It was fun and I liked the stuff we did.""I learned to be a better actor and it was entertaining at the same time.""Learned how to really use your imagination.""Learned a lot about Shakespeare.""Liked all of it!""Loved it. Arts are important!""I would [attend another program like this] because it's interesting to learn about things most people wouldn't without this [class].""I learned how to cream my older brother without hurting him!" [Stage combat taught safe 'fighting.']"Good info, casual atmosphere, entertaining.""I made a new friend and improved my on stage combat.""It was awesome!""Learned how to start writing memoirs.""Gave me the incentive to begin writing.""Fun--exposed kids to theatre and music.""It was nice to see the kids thinking about the story.""Make it longer so we could learn more!""I enjoyed myself a lot but it helped me also to learn not to worry about messing up and feeling dumb. To try again.""It was active and fun while still being informative.""Fun, patient, talented instructor.""Tremendous class. I only wish it could have been longer.""I enjoyed it a lot -- funny, lots of laughs!"

Project Overview

The Guthrie Theater Training Department sent Teaching Artists to each of our 32 branch libraries. Classes covered a variety of topics: stage combat, acting games, beginning storytelling, memoir writing, or social dance (salsa, waltz, or tap). The classes were roughly 90 minutes long.

Attendance ranged from 5-20 (limit 20 per class) for this activity. A total of 700+ people attended the 64 Guthrie workshops across the region.