Kummer Restoration

Project Details by Fiscal Year
2011 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
Fund Source
Outdoor Heritage Fund
Pheasants Forever Inc
Start Date
January 2011
End Date
June 2014
Counties Affected
Project Overview
The 510 acre Pelican Lake East WPA is located on Pelican Lake, a designated wildlife lake in eastern Wright County. The south unit of the WPA is crossed by a tileline that drains the cropland to the east, and part of the WPA into Pelican Lake. The proposed project would replace the existing tile with non-perforated tile to maintain the neighbors drainage, and prevent drainage of the wetland proposed to be restored on the WPA. In addition, two earthen dams would be constructed to enhance water holding capacity of the restored wetland basin. This will create additional waterfowl breeding pair habitat next to Pelican Lake.
2011 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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