Capturing Library History

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Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund
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Mille Lacs
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Past directors and other library pioneers in Minnesota have been eager to provide information, recognizing the importance of recording the history of the longest existing multi-county library system in Minnesota. As one individual entered a branch library for its 50th anniversary celebration, he passed a young lady sitting on the steps of the library.  She looked up at the gentleman entering the library and said, “Apparently the 50th anniversary of the library is a big deal!”

Project Overview

This activity resulted in the researching, writing and publishing of the history of the libraries in east central Minnesota and the compilation of this history in two formats. The history of ECRL was first presented in a multi-media format at each of the 14 East Central Regional Library anniversary celebrations in November 2009. A more expanded history of the libraries in the region including East Central Regional Library’s Headquarters and each of the 14 branches was compiled and written by Marilyn McGriff. The book, ECRL: 50 Years of Connection, was published in May 2010.

Two copies of the multi-media presentation were created; 2) Approximately 1,850 people viewed the multi-media presentations at ECRL’s 14 branch library anniversary celebrations; 3) A total of 500 copies of the book, ECRL: 50 Years of Connection by Marilyn McGriff were published and 378 copies have been distributed to donors, former directors, local historical societies, local school media centers and all regional public library systems in Minnesota thus far.

Project Details

Event Dates and Locations: November 2009 thru May 2009