4 Plays Production

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Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund
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Mille Lacs
Measurable Outcome(s)

Comments made by attendees included:

  • “Great!  I loved the combination of acting and history.  Wonderful ensemble of actors.”
  • “I remember the man in the play, Stewart A. Lindman.”
  • “The actors brought back many memories.  I was a teenager with the same thoughts.  Making of the wedding dress – looked like mine.  The play about soap operas – were just like that.  Better than today’s – at least they did laundry.”
  • “Very informative – great insight in Minnesota history!”
  • “We lived through these experiences.”
  • “A good way to teach history.”
  • “Following along with each vignette seemed to bring me back into the lives of the people of the time even tho’ I’m a generation younger.  Therefore, the history lesson worked!”
  • “Touching and comical”
Project Overview

Fool in a Mask Productions, a local acting troupe made up of recent high school graduates, presented “The Amazing Adventures of Stuart Lindman and other Short Plays” at 14 ECRL branches. The play was part of the Minnesota Historical Society collection. A total of 285 children and adults attended the performances.

Project Details

Event Dates and Locations: June – July 2010, all 14 branches

Grace Pointe Crossing, a local senior housing and nursing facility, provided rehearsal space for the acting troupe. Fool in a Mask Productions also held their dress rehearsal at Grace Pointe Crossing for a group of senior residents.