KAWE - Common Ground

Project Details by Fiscal Year
2012 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
Fund Source
Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund
KAWE Lakeland Public Television
Recipient Type
Non-Profit Business/Entity
Start Date
July 2011
End Date
June 2012
Activity Type
Counties Affected
Project Overview

Lakeland Public Television develops, produces and distributes a 30-minute magazine-style program that showcases regional arts, history and cultural heritage events, people and places of significance. Common Ground airs Thursday nights during primetime and is re-broadcast overnights and weekends as well as during primetime on our L-Plus digital sub-channel. Each episode varies; however, the 30-minute show is typically broken into two to three major segnments, each approximately seven to nine minutes in length. In its second season, Common Ground has extended to a longer segment format for certain topics or subjects. The more in-depth focus will be carried into the third season as well. Topics will include, but not be limited to, visual art exhibits, powwows, festivals, music and dance performances, and historic landmarks.

Legal Citation / Subdivision
Minnesota Laws, 2011, 1st Special Session, Chapter 6, Article 4, Section 2, Subd. 6
2012 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
Number of full time equivalents funded
Proposed Measurable Outcome(s)

28 episodes aired prior to July 1, 2012. Increased participants featured, increased revenue for participants due to exposure, web hits, ranking in program preference poll.

Measurable Outcome(s)

In FY 2012, Lakeland Public Television's Legacy production crew developed and produced 28 episodes of "Common Ground". This 30-Minute magazine-style program showcases regional arts, history and cultural heritage events, people, and places of significance. Common Ground episodes premiered Thursday nights at 7:00pm, and received overnight and weekend rebroadcasts, as well as a primetime repeat on our L-Plus digital sub-channel. Topics this season included visual art exhibits, musical performances, local festivals, and exploration of historic landmarks.

Description of Funds
Salaries/Benefits $123,432; Contracted Services $1680; Equipment $41,162; Supplies $8988; Advertising $17,500; Travel $2310; Assessment $2500; Distribution $67,200
Recipient Board Members
Ray Gildow, Steve Howard, Sue Kringen, Paul Hunt, Dr. Jim Bensen, Jean Castle, Jim Hanko, Susan Holden, Ray Holm, Doug Oman, Cal Rice, Chris Ruttger
Project Manager
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Organization Name
Lakeland Public Television
Street Address
1500 Birchmont Drive NE
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200 Administration Building
50 Sherburne Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55155