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Bus Tours to Minnesota State Capitol and Minnesota History Center 2011

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2011 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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2011 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
Proposed Measurable Outcome(s)

Measurable Outcomes may be collected by survey, anecdotal responses, pre-test/post-test, observations; Describe proposed end user change in Behavior, Attitude, Skills, Knowledge, Condition and/or Status.

  • Increased knowledge and appreciation of the Minnesota State Capitol and the Minnesota Historical Society.
  • An opportunity for individuals who might otherwise not have the chance to visit the State Capitol and the Minnesota Historical Society.
  • Increased awareness of Minnesota's history.
Measurable Outcome(s)

A summary of survey results:Please rate the quality of this program:  (Using 1-5 scale, with 5 being excellent and 1 being poor)

  • Not rated - (0), 1- (0), 2 - (0), 3 - (1), 4 - (11), 5 - (42), Average (4.76)

 What did you like best about the program?

  • They were all so good - it is hard to choose the best
  • Tour of the Capital (18)
  • Being able to do research
  • George Washington exhibit (5)
  • Library
  • The info at the history museum, hadn't been there before
  • Well organized - the tour leaders were great the guides were excellent
  • Flexibility
  • Minnesota History Center (13)
  • Convenience, great places to see - have more time at history center
  • Good guides well organized (6)
  • The arranged tours and the cost! (4)
  • All of it was very good (3)
  • It was neat to learn about the history of MN
  • Lots to see (3)
  • No driving - able to sit back & enjoyed the trip

What did you expect to experience or learn from this presentation?  Were your expectations met?

  • I had been to the capital once before - but never was given a tour, such as we got on this trip
  • The St. Paul capital tour guide was better than I expected, she had a perfect loud voice & knowledge (4)
  • Yes (28)
  • Hoped to learn more about Minnesota's history (3)
  • The opportunity to visit the state capitol (11)
  • Research findings
  • Learn more about the capital building; fun trip down there with friends
  • Resources at MN historical society (9)
  • I had not visited the capitol or museum; I wanted to visit them & the tour was much more than I expected; my interest in MN history has been awakened
  • See how government runs (2)
  • Bread background
  • Seeing the new exhibits (2)
  • See some MN history (2)
  • Better
  • Too short (7)
  • Tour guide was very knowledgeable
  • Great experience (2)
  • Learn things

 What other programs would you like to see offered at the library?

  • More classes in "proper channels" to look for family history
  • Acoustic live music ethnic bands
  • Trips to other research libraries
  • A longer visit at the History center; Ramsey Hill houses, Swedish Institute, Russian Museum, Murphy's landing
  • Iron range history research trips
  • The schedule is better than ever this year!
  • Ely - Rootbeer Lady Museum, Wolf Center, Science Museum (3), Glensheen Mansion, Walker Art Center & Sculpture Garden (2), Munsinger Garden (2), St. Cloud Arboretum, Public gardens around the cities
  • Authors; trip to Forest History center; Iron Mines
  • More historical tours - Lindbergh center; Sinclair Lewis
  • Tour of Fort Snelling; Sibley House, King Tut Exhibit, Online tour of the Civil War sites & battlefields
  • Concerts - small groups - solos
  • Love bus tours (5)
  • St. Paul Arboretum, Wabasha Caves, Duluth - various places, Haunted places - around Halloween
  • More on "E" - book, reader training, ie Nook
  • Hidden treasurers in MN
  • Tours to visit historical homes in Mpls & St. Paul; other historical sites in the state

 Prior to this program, have you ever attended a program at the library or sponsored by the library? Yes (28) - No (26)How did you hear about the program?

  • Program flier - 14
  • Information/poster at the library - 8
  • Information/poster in the community - 15
  • Library newsletter - 2
  • Library web site - 2
  • Newspaper/magazine - 7
  • Radio - 0
  • Television - 0
  • From library staff - 5
  • From another person - 19

 Check your age range: Birth to 5 (0), 6-17 (0), 18-54 (9), 55 and over (42)What is your zip code? 56501(33) - 56589 (3) - 56560 (1)  - 56544 (3) - 56572 (3) - 56573(1)  -56554 (5) - 56502 (1) - 56578 (2) - 56511 (1)Do you have a current library card?  Yes - 41     No - 11    NA - 1# of evaluations received: 54

Project Overview

Two buses, each holding 52 people, were rented to take people to the Minnesota State Capitol and the Minnesota History Center.  The plan is to include people from Mahnomen, Frazee, Ulen, Lake Park, Cormorant and Detroit Lakes on this trip.  Buses leave at approximately 6:00 am from Detroit Lakes with arrival at the Capitol/History Center scheduled for approximately 10:30 am.  One busload will tour the capitol while the other bus tours the History Center.  After tour the groups would switch venues - First Capitol group would go to tour the History Center while the first History Center group would tour the Capitol.  Tours wraps up by approximately 5:00 pm.  The return to Detroit Lakes will be approximately 10:00 pm.

Project Details

Event Dates, Locations and Attendance at each individual event:
04/16/2011 - Detroit Lakes - 67 people participated in this program.
Partner Organization(s):Minnesota Historical Society, Becker County Historical Society, Detroit Lakes Community Education.
Partner Organization(s) Contribution/Role in the Program:This program was done as part of the statewide partnership between the regional library systems and the Minnesota Historical Society.Becker County Historical Society provided promotion and coordination.Detroit Lakes Community Education provided registration and promotion.