Brainerd Genealogy

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2012 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund
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May 2012
End Date
May 2012
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Crow Wing
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Laws of Minnesota for 2011 Chapter 6, Article 4, Subdivision 4
2012 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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Proposed Measurable Outcome(s)

The Genealogy Conference will enhance participant knowledge of genealogy research. 2.The Genealogy Conference will enhance participant knowledge of oral history.

Measurable Outcome(s)

Evaluation comments , “Thank you – received many leads on what to do to start, where to go, and how to do it.”, “This presentation far exceeded my expectations (I am a beginner) and for that I am very grateful to the presenters and Brainerd Public Library.”, “Love the library programs—especially helps in continuing education for many of us who couldn’t afford it otherwise. Usually if the library doesn’t know about it or how to find it—it can’t be found. We LOVE our library and the neat people who work there—a definite American Institution that still works for the people—Keep up the great work.”, “The amount of info presented was amazing.

Source of Additional Funds

Kitchigami Regional Library

Project Overview
Brainerd Public Library organized and held the Crow Wing County Genealogy Conference 2012. The conference was held on Saturday, May 5 at The Lodge in Brainerd Lakes in Baxter. During registration and breaks local nonprofit history and genealogy organizations will be providing informational tables to help you on your quest for family history. In addition, five genealogy kits were developed for the library to lend. Speakers and topics included: >Barbara Sommer- Introduction to Oral History: An overview of oral history its evolution, practical how-tos and interviewing techniques, and applications. >Tom Rice- Using the Internet for My Genealogy: A focus on effective searches, key genealogy web sites, how to find quality information on the web, and keeping track of your research. >Jay Fonkert- Genealogical Detours: Solving Problems with Indirect Evidence: Learn how to solve a problem when you can find no direct evidence answering your question. Become an "evidence weaver" and reveal your family's history.
Project Details
1. Attendance was approximately 136 people. 2. 42 people reported that the conference was the first time they attended a Legacy event. 3. 140 genealogy conference booklets describing local genealogy resources and the speaker’s presentations were distributed. 4. 8 local historical societies and organizations displayed information about their organizations at the event. 5. Oral History Kits were created and are available to KRLS patrons.
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Kitchigami Regional Library
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310 2nd Street North, P.O. Box 84
Pine River
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