Local: “Building Our Legacy Thru the Arts”

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Proposed Measurable Outcome(s)

Measurable Outcomes may be collected by survey, anecdotal responses, post-test; End user change in Behavior, Attitude, Skills, Knowledge, Condition and/or Status

Measurable Outcome(s)

Pioneerland produced dozens of local and county wide programs that  resulted in hundreds of participants responses. Following is a summary of responses.   Selective Summary Outcomes:1)      Participants  learned techniques of creating pottery—shaping with hands, tools, stamping and painting2)      Participants learned how to spell their names with hieroglyphics.3)      Participants learned about personal finances---paying for college, investing for retirement and concept of reasonable frugality4)      Gained greater appreciation of poetry and learned more about different types of poetry as an example poetry that is set to music5)      Younger participants were taught about ethics related to stealing and the effects stealing has on others.6)      Young people were introduced to new tales of  mythology7)      Many gained knowledge on how to become an author or illustrator and how to get their works published.    “Building Our Legacy Thru the Arts” Outcomes      Name ofName of MeasurablePlaceProgramDateOutcomesOrtonvilleJill Kalz1-May-10Learn differences from working for a publishing company vs writing/publishing on own.    GracevilleCandace Simar10-Apr-10We need to preserve  our local history and appreciate our area's pioneer people    St. PaulMN GreatestMay 11 &Learned about the life and times of that generation and their contributions to future generationsHistoryGeneration15th     Ortonville/19-May-10Learned about trickery and how it can hurt others ClintonAnansi the Spider      Ortonville/Magic16-Jun-10Learned some  magic tricksGracevilleConnecting with a   Splash      Appleton,WWII on the HomeJune2, 7 & 18Knowledge of homefront during the War:Benson PLS, ;Front Trunk show rationing, local prison camps, samples ofKerkhoven PL;  recipes, furniture, uniforms, dishes, quilts    KerkhovenWWII on the Home14-May-10Participants shared experiences, artifacts and  memories of life during WWII    AppletonClimb Theatre17-Jun-10Learned about trickery and stealing and how it can hurt othersBensonAnansi the Spider  Kerkhoven        Montevideo   Alqueda & TalibanFeb. 18, 2010better informed about Middle east: Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Iraq & Iran    MontevideoClimb Theatre15-Apr-10Learned about trickery and how it can hurt others Anansi the Spider      MaynardClimb Theatre15-Apr-10Learned about trickery and stealing and how it can hurt others Anansi the Spider      MontevideoGreat Sioux Uprising15-Apr-10Learned reasons from the views of both sides for the Uprising    Ordway-South Pacific8-May-10While students experienced a theatrical performance , they witnessed the behind sceneSt. Paul   activities that go into such a  production    ChanhassenFootloose15-May-10Students have begun discussing doing a musical with students who attended South Pacific        MilanTaste of Syttende Mai15-May-10Experienced an entertaining celebration and presentation saluting Scandinavian culture        MontevideoMagic of reading16-Jun-10Children taught the value of reading via magic was followed by many items being checked out of the library    Mad. Elem SchPrairie BeginningsApril 26, 28, 29 Mad. City Hall May 5, 6, 12, 13Introduced to Native American culture and raised interest in future events such as Eagel Center,Canby C. Center   Pow Wow & Pipestone National Monument LqP HS       Madison&CanbyNancy Carlson16-Jun-10Participants learned drawing skills, children been checking out books on drawing        ACGCKing of Giggle Poetry8-Jan-10Exposure to variety of poetry and gained in appreciation of it and tested personal skills in writing original poetry        BethelStory of Orphan Train20-Feb-10contributed to a quilt that was given to local shelterChurch       WillmarPeace egg29-Jun-10Students leaned environmental stewardship, interdependence of world's cultures    B.I & OliviaPeace EggFeb. 18, 19painting techniques such as mixing colorsHector, Fairfax Mar. 4, 6 Renville           B.I & OliviaWhat Camera forMar. 6Learned about lighting, shutter speed, composition , cameras and lenses Artistic Needs      OliviaWatercolor art classesJune: 17 & 24Students learned new skills in creating art pieces and develop understanding of their own artistic ability    B.I & OliviaSummer Reading ClubJun1-June 30   21 hrs per lib.Club Wiki will be created by participants allowing them to create pages, upload videos/pictures and work together    FairfaxDennis Warner in25-Jun-10Kids learn the negative effects of bullying and positive effects of connectedness in the world Concert      B.I & OliviaWild, Wet & Wacky18-Jun-10Children & adults experienced what it is like to 'bring stories to life'    OliviaMagic of reading11-Jun-10Children learned the value and benefits of reading and libraries.    HectorBeads on one string18-May-10 Kids learn about  ethic diversity and anti-bullying    B.I & OliviaGreat Sioux UprisingApril 17,22,29Learned the  views of both sides for the reason for the UprisingHector, Fairfax 6-May-10 Renville       LitchIntro to WeavingFeb. 27, 2010learned the basics of weaving        History CenterNew FrugalityMar. 22, 2010intro to balance and reasonable frugality and money management  and provided retirement tips    LitchLets Make a PotMar. 15, 22 & 29Learned techniques of creating pottery with hands & tools stamping, shaping and painting    LitchfieldGirls Participants learned the art of English tea and process of writing and publishing a book        LitchfieldEgyptian PotteryMay 10, 17, 24How to create  pottery  based on Ancient Egyptians    CosmosGreen Lake Bluegrass6-May-10Gained appreciation and knowledge of acoustic music & instruments    LitchfieldKevin Straus Storyteller3-Jun-10Children learned how storytelling is different from reading out loud and theater    CosmosBefore Ground was Broken12-Jun-10The many uses Native Americans made of buffalo;  Native american artTaxidermy shop       MN Hist. CenterBen Franklin Exhibit10-May-10Ben Franklin's contribution to American history and foundation of libraries; connection   with others that are interested in history     

Project Overview

Legacy funds enabled Pioneerland Library System (PLS) to sponsor local programs of authors, artists, and cultural events to audiences of all ages and demographics residing within the PLS region. In order to bring legacy events to the region, PLS’s 32 member public libraries partnered with local arts, cultural, and historical organizations, and other related organizations or individuals.

Event Dates and Locations: 40 programs were held in 60 locations on 44 different days.

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