Todd County Septic Inventory V

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Clean Water Fund
Todd County
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Local/Regional Government
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January 2016
End Date
December 2018
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The proposed work will be the fifth septic inventory effort conducted by Todd County and will include eight lakes, 431 parcels, and 277 established addresses. Three of the lakes - Cedar, Long Higgens, and Pauley are located in the Sauk River Watershed District's Sauk Lake Management Unit which is a high priority for improvement. These are the last three lakes of any size to be completed in the Sauk River Watershed portion of Todd County. Nitrogen and phosphorus levels are an issue through the watershed and this management unit in particular. Five Todd County lakes located in the Mississippi River Brainerd watershed will also be inventoried. The TMDL and WRAPS are scheduled to be developed starting in 2016 and the proposed work will supply needed information related to the status of septic systems there. These five lakes will represent about half of the developed lakes in the Todd County portion of the Mississippi River Brainerd watershed. Previous work in the Swan River subwatershed portion of this watershed identified nutrient levels as a target to improve water quality. Reaching for full compliance with septic rules and standards will help reach water quality goals.

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Nicole Clapp

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Laws of MN 2015 1st Special Session Chapter 2, Article 2, Section 7
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Accelerated Implementation Grant 2016: Laws of MN 2015 First Special Session Chapter 2, Article 7, Section 7

2016 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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This project will result in a a feasibility study of Shattuck Saint Mary's to assess and quantify the extent of erosion and pollutant loading, identify critical source areas and recommended the most cost-efficient best management practices.

Measurable Outcome(s)

The septic inventory has been completed as proposed.

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Todd County
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