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Single Site Multi-Agency Permitting (SSMAP) Program

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2016 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
Fund Source
Clean Water Fund
Becker County
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Local/Regional Government
Start Date
January 2016
End Date
December 2018
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Legal Citation / Subdivision
Laws of MN 2015 1st Special Session Chapter 2, Article 2, Section 7
Appropriation Language

Accelerated Implementation Grant 2016: Laws of MN 2015 First Special Session Chapter 2, Article 7, Section 7

2016 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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Targeted Watershed Analysis

Measurable Outcome(s)

As a result of this grant, the County has established a Single Site Multi-Agency Permitting Program.

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Project Overview

An effective regulatory program is key to the successful implementation of local land use and water management plans. Yet, county, watershed, and other state, tribal, and local agencies charged with enforcement and permit review often work in silos and infrequently coordinate with each other or share information. This leads to higher enforcement costs, conflicts between agencies, redundancy of inspections, property owner frustration, and reinforces negative stereotypes of regulatory agencies. The SSMAP seeks to break down barriers to communication and improve the regulatory process by creating an on-line, multi-agency permit application and data management program that is linked to property records and which simultaneously sends permit applications and notifications to the appropriate agencies and organizations. The SSMAP will automatically populates permit databases and updates property records. It can be routinely updated to provide links to the local SCWD and other sites that offer cost share, technical assistance, or design recommendations. Applicants will only need to fill out a single application which will be automatically routed to the County, watershed district, and SWCD. While SSMP program will not replace the hands-on service some community member demand, it provides an alternative for the over 30% of the property owners in Becker County do not live in the county or for those property owners who are unable to take time off from work when government offices are open. The SSMAP allows property owners and contractors to apply and receive permits on-line -saving them time and money. Regulatory staff will be able to review applications with fewer interruptions and will be better able to collaborate on permit approval, inspections, and enforcement. Technical assistance agencies will be notified as soon as permits are submitted providing more opportunity to work with property owners in the design of land and shoreline alterations.

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Becker County
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Nicole Clapp