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Shattuck Ravine Stabilization and BMP Feasibility Study

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Clean Water Fund
Rice County
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Local/Regional Government
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March 2015
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December 2018
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Laws of Minnesota 2013, Regular Session chapter 137
2015 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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This project will result in a a feasibility study of Shattuck Saint Mary's to assess and quantify the extent of erosion and pollutant loading, identify critical source areas and recommended the most cost-efficient best management practices.

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Shattuck Saint Mary's, located atop of a bluff area upland of the east bank of the Straight River, encompasses a land area of 324 acres that contains over 16,426 miles of mild to extensively eroded ravines and gullies; many of which directly discharge to the Straight River. In addition to pollutant loads in runoff from the school's watershed and eroded ravines, banks and gullies, the Straight River also experiences pollutant loading from eroding stream banks in this reach; annual sediment loads average 1,962 tons per year. Rice County Environmental Services, in partnership with Shattuck Saint Mary's and the City of Faribault, will conduct a feasibility study to assess and quantify the extent of erosion and pollutant loading, identify and prioritize pollutant source(s) and source area(s), develop an implementation plan which identifies recommended best management practices (BMPs) and quantifies water quality benefits (volume and pollutant load reductions), and provide a cost-benefit analysis of proposed solutions.

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Rice County
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Nicole Clapp