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Scientific and Natural Area Acquisition, Restoration, Improvement and Citizen Engagement

Project Details by Fiscal Year
2015 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
Fund Source
Environment & Natural Resources Trust Fund
Recipient Type
State Government
Start Date
July 2014
End Date
June 2017
Counties Affected
Legal Citation / Subdivision
M.L. 2014, Chp. 226, Sec. 2, Subd. 07a
Appropriation Language

$2,540,000 the second year is from the trust fund to the commissioner of natural resources to acquire lands with high-quality native plant communities and rare features to be established as scientific and natural areas as provided in Minnesota Statutes, section 86A.05, subdivision 5, restore and improve parts of scientific and natural areas, and provide technical assistance and outreach. A list of proposed acquisitionsmust be provided as part of the required work program. Land acquired with this appropriation must be sufficiently improved to meet at least minimum management standards, as determined by the commissioner of natural resources. This appropriation is available until June 30, 2017, by which time the project must be completed and final products delivered.

2015 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
Other Funds Leveraged
Direct expenses
Number of full time equivalents funded
Proposed Measurable Outcome(s)

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Measurable Outcome(s)

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Project Overview

Minnesota’s Scientific and Natural Areas (SNA) Program is an effort to preserve and perpetuate the state’s ecological diversity and ensure that no single rare feature is lost from any region of the state. This includes landforms, fossil remains, plant and animal communities, rare and endangered species, and other unique biotic or geological features. These sites play an important role in scientific study, public education, and outdoor recreation. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is using this appropriation to permanently protect approximately 240 acres of high quality habitat with rare species and unique natural resources of statewide significance; to restore approximately 770 acres of existing SNAs to conserve the rare features they protect; and to monitor existing SNAs to gauge, improve, and verify that site specific conservation values are protected and achieved. The project includes engagement activities for local communities to help build a network of people to be involved with their local SNAs.

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500 Lafayette Rd, Box 25
St. Paul
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(651) 259-5088