A Reinterpretation of the Historic Willard Bunnell House

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2015 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund
Winona County Historical Society
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Non-Profit Business/Entity
In Progress
Start Date
December 2014
End Date
January 2016
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Legal Citation / Subdivision
Session Law Reference: Laws of Minnesota 2013, Regular Session, chater 137, article 4, section 2, subdivision 5, b. 3. History Partnerships
Appropriation Language

History Partnerships: $2,000,000 the first year and $2,000,000 the second year are for partnerships involving multiple organizations, which may include the Minnesota Historical Society, to preserve and enhance access to Minnesota's history and cultural heritage in all regions of the state.

2015 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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Recipient Board Members
WCHS Board: Michelle Alexander, Tom Bremer, Sandra Burke, Jerome Christenson, Rick Christenson, Bob Fisher, Margaret Shaw Johnson, Mena Kaehler, Patrick Marek, Bruce Montplaisir, Jonelle Moore, Mary Nelson, Mary Polus, Jim Pomeroy, Mike Slaggie, Leroy Telstad, Cindy Timm, Peter Walsh

TdM Board: Carew Hallack, Emily Kurash, Robert Thomas, III, Paul Sannerud, Peggy Sannerud, Judy Meyers, Daniel Munson, George Cipov, Lynn Nankivil
Project Overview
Partner Organizations: Winona County Historical Society and Theatre du Mississippiona Winona County Historical Society and Theatre du Mississippi will partner to produce a new interpretive program for the Historic William Bunnell House in 2015. They will conduct research to produce an hour-long script based on the lives of families who lived in the house and the period they lived there. This new program will create a purpose for a house museum which has been languishing. It will be a new approach to operating a historic house museum that draws on the creative and historical strengths of the partners.
Project Manager
First Name
Mark F.
Last Name
Organization Name
Winona County Historical Society
Street Address
160 Johnson Street
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