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Project Details by Fiscal Year
2012 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
Fund Source
Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund
City of Starbuck
Recipient Type
Local/Regional Government
Start Date
June 2012
End Date
June 2013
Activity Type
Counties Affected
Legal Citation / Subdivision
Laws of Minnesota 2011, First Special Session, chapter 6, article 4, section 2, subdivision 3
Appropriation Language

ACHF Arts Access

2012 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
Other Funds Leveraged
Direct expenses
Proposed Measurable Outcome(s)

1. To feature work done by a world class artist and sculpture. 2. To demonstrate the accessible nature of art by utilizing the talent of this artist in a community park setting. 3. To emphasize the healing quality of art set into a community. 4. To encourage attendance and the healthy practice of walking through an area infused with art. 5. To provide a place for other artists to come, individually or in groups, and create, perform, or renew their talent and skill.1. An exit survey at the park entrance will ask for a rating of the experience and impact of the art. 2. Community experience will be gauged by the letters to the editor section of the local newspaper as well as feature articles published. 3. The teaching staff will be asked to evaluate through a short educational project and questionnaire the awareness and impact of high quality art on school-age students. 4. The guest book will be monitored for comments.

Measurable Outcome(s)

The response was that this rated very high, for example: Positive experience, great art, WOW. The feature articles were in color and most were front page news. There were no negative letters to the editor. Guest book contained positive responses.

Description of Funds
Project Overview

Phillip Rickey sculpture

Project Details

To create a public art sculpture in the Holly Skoen Park by Phillip Rickey.

Project Manager
First Name
Last Name
Organization Name
City of Starbuck
Street Address
307 E 5th St PO Box 606
Zip Code
(320) 334-1865
Competitive Grant Making Body
Board Members and Qualifications

Gary Hendrickson: former professor of literature; Nancy Berns: radio voice actor, costumer, vocal director, choral singer; Stan Goldade: High School math instructor, photographer, sculptor; Carolyn Aarsvold: retired elementary music educator, violinist; Kari Kjesbo: former gallery manager and catering business owner; Pagyn Harding: literary artist and publisher author; Jane Gudmundson: retired gallery manager Minnesota State University-Moorhead, artist in residence; Carolyn Flieder: fiber artist, former quilt shop owner; Amy Schmidt: literary and visual artist, bookstore owner; Jimmy Schryver: professor of Art History at University of Minnesota-Morris; Kari Adams: graphic designer, printmaker; Dick DuBord: retired professor of Social Work at Minnesota State University-Moorhead, visual artist-wood; Paul Schoenack: regional actor, director, radio voice actor; Rebecca Mitchell: glass studio owner, community outreach coordinator for the Detroit Lakes Community and Cultural Center.

Advisory Group Members and Qualifications

Gary Hendrickson: former Professor of Literature, former Senior Grant Officer at National Endowment for Humanities, Academic Dean at M State Fergus Falls; Kari Adams: graphic designer with University Relations at University of Minnesota- Morris; Nancy Berns: board member for Alexandria Area Arts Association Board and the IDS 206 Center for the Arts Focus Group, vocalist, choir director; Jane Gudmundson: retired Gallery Manager at Minnesota State University- Moorhead, former Education Director at Plains Art Museum; Jimmy Schryver: Assistant Professor of Art History at University of Minnesota- Morris; Kari Kjsebo: former manager of the Underbrush Art Gallery, estate sale manager; Katherine Dahl: retired reference librarian for various universities; Pagyn Harding: literary artist, author, volunteer for arts organizations as grant writer/publicity coordinator/administrator; Lorene McIntosh: art teacher (privately and in K-12 schools); Carolyn Flieder: former social worker for Lutheran Social Services, former owner of a Quilt Shop/Bed and Breakfast business, fiber artist, visual artist; Merlin Peterson: worked at Guthrie Theatre, director, lighting and set designer, owner of Pope Art, alternate Pope County.

Conflict of Interest Disclosed