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Growth, Survival and Genetic Structure of E.coli found in Ditch Sediments and Water at the Seven Mile Creek Watershed

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2008 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
Michael Sadowsky - University of Minnesota Department of Soil, Water and Climate, sadowsky@umn.edu (612) 624-2706
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Public College/University
Start Date
July 2008
End Date
June 2010
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M.L. 2007, Chapter 45, Article 1
Appropriation Language

$1,100,000 the first year is for research, evaluation, and effectiveness monitoring of agricultural practices in restoring impaired waters. The funding must not be used to hire additional employees to perform these activities. This appropriation is available until spent. 

2008 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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Please refer to the Clean Water Research Program page

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Funding amount awarded in a research contract. Any administration costs associated with this program are reported on the project page entitled "Clean Water Research Program".
Project Overview

The objectives of this study were to examine ditch sediment and water samples for the presence and numbers of E.coli and  to determine what proportion of the E.coli were stable member of the microbial community (i.e. indigenous to the sites) and what proportion were likely transient or only present because of run-off. Researchers used sophisticated DNA technology to determine the potential sources of E.coli present in the ditch sediment and water samples.

A detailed description of all projects is located at the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's Clean Water Fund website.

About the Issue

This project is supported by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's Clean Water Research Program. The overarching goals of this research program are to identify underlying processes that affect water quality, to evaluate the effectiveness of agricultural Best Management Practices, and to develop technologies to target BMPs to critical areas of the landscape.

MDA funds research that is necessary to protect water resources in Minnesota. All projects are selected by an evaluation team.This team includes a diverse group of external stakeholders and state agency staff that have technical expertise and a broad understanding of water quality issues.

Project Details

In 2008, a total of 12 projects were submitted totaling $1,700,000 in requested funds. The evaluation committee recommended that the top five projects be funded. An additional three projects were selected for sole source contracts. These projects were identified as high priority needs that required specific expertise and resources to effectively address the research question

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Minnesota Department of Agriculture
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625 Robert Street North
St. Paul
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(651) 201-6014