Feedlot Water Quality Management Grant Program - 2010

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2010 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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Clean Water Fund
Multiple Local Government Units
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Local/Regional Government
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Start Date
January 2010
End Date
December 2011
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2010 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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Evaluation and Outcome Plan Evaluation and outcome plans are required as a part of the grant agreement between BWSR and the grantee. These required plans consist of verifying project installation and creating operation and maintenance plans to ensure the project is functioning as designed. Funded projects meet locally identified water quality goals within the larger scope of Minnesota's clean water efforts. Projects reduce pollutant loads aimed at improving watershed health over time. The long-term evaluation of clean water fund projects will be monitored as part of the state's intensive watershed monitoring strategy.

Project Overview

Currently, there are approximately 5,050 feedlots with fewer than 300 animal units that need to come into compliance with State feedlot rules. Clean Water Feedlot Water Quality Management Grant funds are being used to provide financial assistance to landowners with feedlot operations less than 300 animal units in size and located in a riparian area or impaired watershed.
A variety of practices are commonly used to reduce the pollution potential from a feedlot site. Each situation is unique and may require capital improvements such as ag waste storage systems or more modest improvements such as clean water diversions, rain gutters on roofs, grass filter strips, or fencing. Technical staff and engineers from local government units and private contractors work with the landowner to develop and implement a pollution control system that protects the environment and maintains the economic viability of the farm. 41 projects totaling $1,234,350 were awarded in FY2010.

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Board of Water and Soil Resources
(651) 296-3767
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Nicole Clapp