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Educating Minnesotans about Potential Impacts of Changing Climate

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2015 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
Fund Source
Environment & Natural Resources Trust Fund
Will Steger Foundation
Recipient Type
Non-Profit Business/Entity
Start Date
July 2014
End Date
June 2016
Counties Affected
Legal Citation / Subdivision
M.L. 2014, Chp. 226, Sec. 2, Subd. 09e
Appropriation Language

$325,000 the second year is from the trust fund to the commissioner of natural resources for an agreement with the Will Steger Foundation to plan and conduct forums, workshops, and trainings on Minnesota's changing climate and the potential impacts on ecosystems and natural resources. An accompanying television program and information spots must be produced for broadcast and use at the forums.

2015 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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Measurable Outcome(s)

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Project Overview

Climate change has and will have profound effects on Minnesota’s economy, agriculture, tourism, and natural resources. While climate change is often discussed in the broader contexts of its potential impacts at a national or international level, research has shown that climate change education and behavior change happens more effectively when the issue is made local and relevant. The Will Steger Foundation is using this appropriation to develop and implement efforts aimed at increasing understanding of the potential impacts of climate change for Minnesota and changing related behavioral norms of Minnesotans through the use of stories of individuals' experiences, facilitation of related discussions, and guidance toward additional available resources. Activities include holding public forums and educator workshops around the state, establishment of peer support networks, and the production and broadcast of information spots and a documentary on public television. Approximately 100,000 people are expected to be reached statewide.

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Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy
Street Address
2801 21st Ave S, Ste 110
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(612) 278-7147