Division of Indian Work-Youth Leadership Development Program-First Langauge Project

Project Details by Fiscal Year
2015 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
Fund Source
Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund
Division of Indian Work
Recipient Type
Non-Profit Business/Entity
Start Date
January 2014
End Date
June 2015
Project Overview

The first goal of this project is that sixty nine American Indian youth ages 7-17 will increase their knowledge and practice of conversational Dakota through out-of-school time instruction by the end of the project period. Additionally, it is the hope that the Indian youth will continue to study Dakota and become fluent speakers. The project will provide experiential language instruction in conversational Dakota through cultural and recreational activities to these youth. Of these youth, it is expected that 75% will be able to introduce themselves in Dakota by saying their name in Dakota, their Indian name (if they have one), and where they are from. They will also be able to ask and answer at least eight phrases used in everyday communication and understand the uses of the four medicines. The Youth Leadership Development Program Coordinator, language consultants, and Dakota Youth Worker will develop lessons for teaching conversational Dakota in an out-of school time setting that uses Dakota traditions as the foundation for the curricula. The staff will purchase or produce appropriate materials for Dakota instruction and lesson plans.

Legal Citation / Subdivision
M.L. 2013, Chp. 137, Art. 4, Sec. 2, Sub. 10 (b)
2015 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
Measurable Outcome(s)

Thirty nine youth and twenty-seven parents/guardians were participated in basic Dakota conversation, Dakota commands, ie; Stand up, Sit down, Be quiet, Walk, Listen, Eat now, Yes and No, learning about important Dakota customs, Dakota singing and drumming, making drumsticks and other traditional items, and tradtional Dakota games

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Division of Indian Work
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1001 E Lake Street
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161 Saint Anthony Ave
Suite 919
St. Paul, MN 55103