Ditch 20 Wetland Restoration Feasibility Study to Benefit Downstream Water Quality

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Clean Water Fund
Anoka CD
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Local/Regional Government
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March 2015
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December 2018
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This feasibility study will produce strategies for wetland restoration and ditch hydrology changes to reduce the amount of phosphorus and solids that drain into Typo and Martin Lakes, the Sunrise River and St. Croix River. Total Maximum Daily Loads and other plans have identified this area as key for pollutant reduction, and the study will determine scope and effects of potential projects, allowing the district to prioritize those that will have the great impact on water quality.

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Nicole Clapp

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Laws of Minnesota 2013, Regular Session chapter 137
2015 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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This project will address the nutrient impairment of Lake St. Croix through the installation of targeted stormwater treatment best management practices as prioritized in the 2014 Lake St. Croix Direct Discharge Stormwater Retrofit Assessment. The goal is to install up to 16 Low Impact Development practices to reduce pollutant loading to Lake St. Croix by at least 8.0 pounds phosphorous and 2 tons of sediment.

Measurable Outcome(s)

Completed extensive research on hydraulic and hydrology (H&H) models, Minnesota ditch law, wetland nutrient retention, and potential best management practices. Landowner outreach was conducted and an engineering firm was hired to complete the H&H modeling.

Completed H&H model, conducted a culvert inventory, researched current land uses, evaluated potential BMPs, and analyzed monitoring data. A landowner meeting was held.

A final report is completed including cost:benefit and feasbility analysis of BMPs to improve water quality. The findings have been presented to affected landowners in a public meeting, the Sunrise River Watershed Management Organization, and Isanti County. Report is available at www.AnokaSWCD.org in the "reports" section and has been uploaded to elink. Met with landowners at identified project sites (who have been involved throughout the project) to discuss final findings. Promoted the BWSR wetland banking program to these

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