Contract Management - FY 2010

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2010 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
Fund Source
Environment & Natural Resources Trust Fund
Recipient Type
State Government
Start Date
July 2009
End Date
June 2012
Activity Type
Legal Citation / Subdivision
M.L. 2009, Chp. 143, Sec. 2, Subd. 08a
Appropriation Language

$158,000 is from the trust fund to the commissioner of natural resources for contract management for duties assigned in Laws 2007, chapter 30, section 2, and Laws 2008, chapter 367, section 2, and for additional duties as assigned in this section.

2010 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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Proposed Measurable Outcome(s)

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Measurable Outcome(s)

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Project Overview

Appropriations to non-state entities must be made through a formal contract with a state entity that manages all of the funds for the project on a reimbursement basis. This appropriation to Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources (DNR) funds the expenses incurred by the DNR in contracting, contract management, and expense re-imbursement for most of the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund appropriations made to non-state entities, including new projects funded during the biennium and existing projects funded in previous bienniums.

Overall Project Outcome and Results
This appropriation was used to provide continued contract management services to pass-through recipients of Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund dollars. The DNR provided this fiduciary service to ensure funds were expended in compliance with session law, state statute, grants policies, and approved work plans. Contract management ensured oversight of reimbursement for project deliverables and met the requirements of the Department of Administration's Grants Management procedures.

Ensuring timely access to the funds through streamlined grant agreements and prompt processing of reimbursement requests was an overarching goal of DNR's contract management. Services provided under this appropriation included the following:

  • Contract Management Services
    • Prepare grant agreements and amendments.
    • Encumber/unencumber funds.
    • Execute Use of Funds agreements.
    • Communicate with LCCMR staff and pass-through grant recipients, informally and formally.
    • Continue to work on process improvements that improve efficiency and ease for grantee while ensuring fiscal integrity.
    • Contract management documentation, including file management.
  • Training and Communications
    • Train recipients on state grant requirements, including reporting procedures, proper documentation of expenses, and the Department of Administration's grants management policies, to ensure grantees follow state law and grants management policies set forth by the state's grant agreement.
    • Work with recipients to ensure grantees understand the state's reimbursement procedures and requirements.
    • Provide ongoing technical assistance/guidance to recipients.
  • Reimbursement Services
    • Review reimbursement requests to ensure claimed reimbursements include sufficient documentation and comply with state and session laws, LCCMR approved Work Plan and grants policies.
    • Arrange for prompt payment once grantee has submitted a completed reimbursement request and expenses have been deemed eligible for reimbursement.
    • Detailed accounting by pass-through appropriation for each recipient.
  • Fiscal and Close-out Services
    • Financial reconciliation/reporting.
    • Contract management reporting (fund balance/expenditures).
    • Examine records of recipients.
    • Work with recipients to successfully close-out grants.

Project Results Use and Dissemination
This project's grants specialists are in frequent contact with pass-through grant recipients. The grants manager and DNR's liaison communicate with LCCMR staff. In addition, grant agreement requirements are communicated through manuals, emails, and letters.

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500 Lafayette Rd, Box 10
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