CD 10 BMP Inventory - Implementation

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2018 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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Clean Water Fund
Wright SWCD
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Local/Regional Government
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January 2018
End Date
December 2020
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In 2016, the entirety of County Ditch 10 (CD) was inventoried and a final report detailing the results was completed (link provided in the abstract). This project focuses on the implementation of side inlet control structures (SICS) or other best management practices (BMPs) located upstream from the erosion sites identified in the CD 10 Inventory. It is anticipated that six (6) Grade Stabilization Structures (Code 410), one (1) Grassed Waterway (Code 412), and eight (8) WASCOBS (Code 638) will be implemented.

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Marcey Westrick

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Laws of Minnesota 2017, Chapter 91, Article 2, Section 7 (j) (BWSR Multipurpose Drainage Management 2018)
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$750,000 the first year and $750,000 the second year are for technical assistance and grants for the conservation drainage program in consultation with the Drainage Work Group, coordinated under Minnesota Statutes, section 103B.101, subdivision 13, that includes projects to improve multipurpose water management under Minnesota Statutes, section 103E.015.

2018 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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The Lake Ann and Emma Excess Nutrient TMDL Report (Wenck Associates, Inc. 2011) determined the total phosphorus (TP) load into Lake Ann as 8,326 lbs/year. CD 10 has been identified as the largest contributing source of total phosphorus (TP) to Lake Ann (5,676 lbs/year). This constitutes over 68% of the total TP load entering Lake Ann. The total TP load into Lake Emma is 5,676 lbs/year. Lake Emma will require a 2,224 total TP load reduction, with a 1761 lbs/year load reduction from Lake Ann specifically given it is located directly upstream. Projects that reduce the amount of sediment (and associated TP) entering CD 10 will address the load reductions called for in the Lake Ann and Emma TMDL Implementation Plan (Wenck Associates, 2012). Based on current landowner interest and project adoption from the JD 15 BMP Inventory Implementation MDM Grant (C16-1476), our goal is the implementation of six (6) grade stabilization structures, eight (8) WASCOBS, and one (1) grassed waterway. If this goal is met, approximately 94.3 tons of sediment and 148.61 pounds of phosphorus will be removed from the total load entering CD 10 in a year. This reduction would account for 2% of the total TP load reduction called for in Ann Lake and 4% of the total TP load reduction for Emma Lake as called for in the Lake Ann and Emma Excess Nutrient TMDL Report (Wenck Associates, Inc. 2011).

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Completed the sediment basin as proposed, resulting in an annual reduction of 514 tons of sediment (TSS) and 271 lbs of phosphorus.

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