Cannon One Watershed One Plan Implementation

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2021 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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Clean Water Fund
Cannon River Watershed Joint Powers Board
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Local/Regional Government
In Progress
Start Date
January 2021
End Date
December 2023
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Counties Affected
Le Sueur
Le Sueur
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The Cannon River Watershed covers 6 counties and holds a WMO and a watershed district. This grant will include six different project categories. Under the project development activity, the group will include hosting biannual meetings for outreach, tracking and monitoring cover crops and residue using satellite tracking, and completing conditioned terrain analysis for portions of the planning area that have not previously been completed. Completing terrain analysis will assist in obtaining reduction numbers for other practices in the future of the implementation. Funding will also cover conducting 10 shoreline inventories and conducting a SSTS inventory in the area of Volney-Gorman Lake, which is located in the Groundwater Pollution Sensitivity Area and Groundwater Dominated Lakes Area of the Cannon Watershed. Education and Outreach funds will focus on informing absentee landowners about the health of their land and to develop a soil health team throughout the area.

The goal is to implement practices that increase organic matter on 640.99 acres (plan goal is 16,711 acres) annually in areas that were identified as tier 1 lakes and streams in the plan. The goal for structural practices is to treat 2,527.17acres (plan goal is 7,192 acres) of cropland in the tier 1 stream areas. PTMapp has identified 38 storage and protection practices and 640.99 acres of source reduction practices that were in the top 40 for source reduction of each of the tier one areas, and then using 50th percentile of those numbers. The reduction numbers from these practices will be compared to those in the plan at the five year mark using HSPF-SAM.

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Annie Felix-Gerth

Legal Citation / Subdivision
Minnesota Session Laws - 2019, 1st Special Session, Chapter 2--S.F.No. 3, Article 2, Section 7(a)
Appropriation Language

(Watershed Based Implementation Funding)(a) $13,591,000 the first year and $13,375,000 the second year are for performance-based grants with multiyear implementation plans to local government units. The grants may be used to implement projects that protect, enhance, and restore surface water quality in lakes, rivers, and streams; protect groundwater from degradation; and protect drinking water sources. Projects must be identified in a comprehensive watershed plan developed under the One Watershed, One Plan or metropolitan surface water management frameworks or groundwater plans. Grant recipients must identify a nonstate match and may use other legacy funds to supplement projects funded under this paragraph.

2021 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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Structural/Nonstructural projects reduce 2.807lbs P, 1852.3tons TSS, and 2,409.76lbs of N annually. 100 shoreline septic inspections will be completed. 10 natural shoreline inventories will be completed. One field tour. Complete terrain analysis.

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Cannon River Watershed Joint Powers Board
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