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2015 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
Fund Source
Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund
Autism Society of Minnesota AKA AuSM
Recipient Type
Non-Profit Business/Entity
Start Date
November 2014
End Date
October 2015
Activity Type
Counties Affected
St. Louis
St. Louis
Legal Citation / Subdivision
Laws of Minnesota 2013, Chapter 137, Article 4, Section 2, Subdivision 3
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ACHF Arts Education

2015 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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Proposed Measurable Outcome(s)

Over 80 youth with autism spectrum disorders in three cities will participate in Z Puppets’ sensory-friendly performances and workshops. Event surveys will track the number of participants at each event identifying as having Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the level of participation and engagement, and the extent to which we addressed any barriers to access. 2: At least 85% of workshop participants will create and perform puppetry and music and demonstrate an understanding of creative tools to address stress. Parent surveys before and after each workshop series will articulate specific individualized goals for each learner, and measure the degree to which those goals were addressed through the arts.

Measurable Outcome(s)

There were 34 youth workshop participants and roughly 95 youth audience members cumulatively, from three cities. Total youth participation was 129. Though participation was available at no cost to participants in the workshops, the Autism Society did oversee a registration process to track the number of participants in all four programs. These numbers are also reflected in the n values of the comprehensive evaluation report. Audience members also registered ahead of time or at the door, and rough counts were taken of youth and adult guests. 2: Based on data collection for evaluation purposes, the MMP workshops for families living with autism were successful in reaching intended Outcome 2. Physical participation in puppetry and music was tracked by video as well as artist feedback. Demonstration of emotional regulation in arts was captured more creatively. Parents of participants were surveyed pre- and post-workshop, and were asked to what extent the workshops helped with day-to-day stress. Also, data was collected to show growth in the six targeted habits of mind, related to persistence, impulse control, empathy, flexibility and sensory management. Detailed report attached.

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Other, local or private

Recipient Board Members
Todd Schwartzberg, Jean Bender, Paul Schmidt, Paul D'Arco, Marc Berris, Kyle Bloch, Susan Larson, Larry Moody, Kevin Mullen, Norm Munk, Shanna Paul, Catherine Pulkenin, Rebecca Rooker, Rob Skundberg, Tracy Templeton, Joe Timmons
Project Overview
Arts Learning
Project Details
The Autism Society of Minnesota will collaborate with Z Puppets Rosenschnoz to bring Monkey Mind Pirates arts and mindfulness programs to youth and families living with autism in Twin Cities, Duluth, and Rochester.
Project Manager
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Organization Name
Autism Society of Minnesota AKA AuSM
Street Address
2380 Wycliff St Ste 102
St Paul
Zip Code
(651) 647-1083x 15
Competitive Grant Making Body
Board Members and Qualifications
Ardell Brede: Mayor of Rochester, elected 2002.; Peggy Burnet: Businesswoman, art collector, and community volunteer. Chair of the Nominating Committee, Smithsonian National Board. Trustee, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Vice Chair, Minnesota State Arts Board.; Michael Charron: Dean of the School of the Arts, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. Chair, Minnesota State Arts Board.; Wendy Dayton: Arts and community leader and philanthropist.; Sean Dowse: Executive director, Sheldon Theatre. Board member for Minnesota Music Coalition, Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, and Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies; Treasurer, Minnesota State Arts Board.; David Glenn, Executive director of the Minnesota Project, ceramic artist; Ellen McInnis: Director of Twin Cities government relations, Wells Fargo. Member of Bottineau Boulevard Partnership. Vice Chair, Minnesota State Arts Board.; Thomas Moss: Consultant to nonprofits and government agencies; Janice Sivertson: Gallery owner and visual artist
Advisory Group Members and Qualifications
Lawrence Benson: Independent scholar, artist and publisher; Kelly Dupre: Artist and instructor, in printmaking and mosaics; former classroom coordinator, North House Folks School, Grand Marais; Peter Morales: Sculptor of large-scale outdoor pieces; former visiting artist, University of Minnesota, and Jerome Fellow; Louis Porter, II: Teaching artist, COMPAS and Artful Aging initiative, and Givens Foundation; Bethany Whitehead: Executive director, Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts
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