Arts and Cultural Heritage

Project Details by Fiscal Year
2015 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
Fund Source
Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund
Rochester Community and Technical College AKA RCTC Life Program
Recipient Type
State Government
Start Date
February 2015
End Date
December 2015
Activity Type
Counties Affected
Legal Citation / Subdivision
Laws of Minnesota 2013, Chapter 137, Article 4, Section 2, Subdivision 3
Appropriation Language

ACHF Arts Access ACHF Arts Education ACHF Cultural Heritage

2015 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
Other Funds Leveraged
Direct expenses
Administration costs
Number of full time equivalents funded
Proposed Measurable Outcome(s)

At least 90% of program participants will state that the project broadened their state cultural heritage knowledge. This project will be an affordable option for all community members. The class will be free for folks unable to pay the fee. Each presentation will have a course evaluation associated with it. At least 90% of program participants and instructors will rate presentations as having high or very high quality.

Measurable Outcome(s)

Class evaluation questions included "Has this class broadened your knowledge of Minnesota's cultural Heritage?" The response was 94%, better than predicted. Classes were offered for free to folks who couldn't afford to pay. Goals were met.

Description of Funds
Source of Additional Funds

Other, local or private

Recipient Board Members
Bill Bakken, Corene Bernatz, Don Borcherding, Tom Brinkman, Jane Callahan, Carolyn Chaapel, Brenda Dicken, Ramona Digre, Pat Farrell, Kay Fockler, Steve Frylak, Tom Gaffey, Pamela Haase, Marita Heller, Chad Israelson, Carol Kamper, Pixy Russell, Ione Schl
Project Overview
Arts and Cultural Heritage
Project Details
North-Star State Historical Non-Fiction Project
Project Manager
First Name
Last Name
Organization Name
Rochester Community and Technical College AKA RCTC Life Program
Street Address
851 30th Ave SE
(507) 285-7453
Competitive Grant Making Body
Board Members and Qualifications
John Becker: Business Owner; Hal Cropp: Executive Director, Commonweal; Daved Driscoll: Executive Director, Words Players; Julie Fakler: education coordinator, Paradise Center; Drue Fergison: linguist, writer; Teresa Kauffmann: photographer; Connie Nelson: music educator; Jane Olive: costumer; Scott Roberts: arts administrator; Steve Schmidt: musician, arts administrator.
Advisory Group Members and Qualifications
Scott Anderson: musician; Andrea Gaffke: artist; Judy Hickey: arts administrator; David Kassler: composer; Marie Maher: musician; Kathy Rush: thespian; Mary Ruth: dancer; Jon Swanson: curator; Joan Sween: author; Philip Taylor: artist; Sandy Thompson: arts administrator; Gary Tollers: musician; Tom Willis: potter