Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Minnesota Lakes

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2015 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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Environment & Natural Resources Trust Fund
U of MN
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Public College/University
Start Date
July 2014
End Date
June 2017
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Project Overview

Through various means, human produced chemicals can make their way into surface waters where they can have adverse effects on the function of ecological communities. Of particular concern are antibiotics and other antimicrobial substances because they have the potential to create increased antibiotic resistance. While there is a background level of naturally occurring antibiotic resistance in the natural world, elevated or persistent levels caused by human activities have the potential to harm human, animal, and overall ecosystem health. Researchers at the University of Minnesota are using this appropriation to quantify and compare the levels within lakes of naturally occurring antibiotic compounds versus those resulting from human actions to delineate the role of each in creating antibiotic resistant bacteria and determine the extent to which improved wastewater treatment could contribute to controlling the amount of antibiotics and antibiotic resistant genes within the environment.

Legal Citation / Subdivision
M.L. 2014, Chp. 226, Sec. 2, Subd. 03e
Appropriation Language

$300,000 the second year is from the trust fund to the Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota to quantify the relationship between antibiotics and antibiotic-resistant bacteria in Minnesota lakes to determine if improved wastewater treatment is necessary to protect human and aquatic health. This appropriation is available until June 30, 2017, by which time the project must be completed and final products delivered.

2015 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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