2020 City of Glenwood Targeted Urban Stormwater Implementation Project Phase 1

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Clean Water Fund
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Local/Regional Government
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February 2020
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December 2022
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The 2013 Pope County Water Plan has a goal to protect/improve the water quality to Lake Minnewaska. Pope SWCD completed a City of Glenwood Water Quality Assessment and BMP Prioritization Project (City Assessment & Prioritization Report) in 2017. This analysis was of the areas contributing runoff to Lake Minnewaska from within the City. The MPCA, BWSR, and the DNR have ranked Lake Minnewaska as a priority for being threatened by TP from stormwater runoff. A TP reduction goal of 16.5% is needed to meet the 2017 Lakes of Phosphorus Sensitively Significance Analysis (LPSS) eutrophication goal for protecting Minnewaska. An annual TP loading goal of 287 lbs/year from the Glenwood study area is needed, as cited in the City Assessment & Prioritization Report. P8, a stormwater water quality model for the city, shows 5.34 pounds of TP is reduced from watershed loading by the proposed BMP's cited in the City Assessment & Prioritization Report. By implementing all of the proposed BMPs in this report, it is estimated that 84% (287 pounds) of the target reduction goal of 342 pounds of TP/yr will be reached. We have identified for this application: detention ponds (BMP3), a pond and ravine gully repair (BMP26), biofiltration (BMP1) and other stormwater BMPs, such as sealing identified abandoned city wells, that will reduce greater than 5 TP lbs/year and treat 106 acres of watershed based on the P8 modeling results and 1.9% of the total TP goal of 287 TP lbs/year noted in the study with one of those BMPs ranked 3rd highest priority. The Pope SWCD has 10 interested individual landowners that are willing to do BMPs to capture and treat storm water.The study and the total projects identified in the plan will take several years to fully implement. The Pope SWCD is only applying for the first phase under this application and will follow up with future applications when we are ready to implement the remainder of the projects noted in the plan. This urban phase will add to the rural work.

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Marcey Westrick

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Minnesota Session Laws 2019, 1st Special Session, Chapter 2, Article 2, Section 7.
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[Projects and Practices 2020] (b) $16,000,000 the first year and $16,000,000 the second year are for grants to local government units to protect and restore surface water and drinking water; to keep water on the land; to protect, enhance, and restore water quality in lakes, rivers, and streams; and to protect groundwater and drinking water, including feedlot water quality and subsurface sewage treatment system projects and stream bank, stream channel, shoreline restoration, and ravine stabilization projects. The projects must use practices demonstrated to be effective, be of long-lasting public benefit, include a match, and be consistent with total maximum daily load (TMDL) implementation plans, watershed restoration and protection strategies (WRAPS), or local water management plans or their equivalents. A portion of this money may be used to seek administrative efficiencies through shared resources by multiple local governmental units. Up to 20 percent of this appropriation is available for land-treatment projects and practices that benefit drinking water.

2020 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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The 2017 Lakes of Phosphorus Sensitivity significance report requires 16.5% reduction of TP, which is 287 lbs/yr (City Assessment & Prioritization Report). These priority BMPs will reduce TP by 5.34lbs/yr (1.9% of the 287 lbs/yr) and 1,296 TSS lbs/yr

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Members for Pope SWCD are: D. Gary Reents, Keith Nygaard, Randy Mitteness, Randy Pederson, Tom Talle
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