2018-2019 RIM Wellhead Protection

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Clean Water Fund
Board of Water and Soil Resources
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Wayne Zellmer

Legal Citation / Subdivision
Laws of Minnesota 2017, Chapter 91, Article 2, Section 7(g) (BWSR RIM Wellhead Protection)
Appropriation Language

(g) $1,750,000 the first year and $1,750,000 the second year are for permanent conservation easements on wellhead protection areas under Minnesota Statutes, section 103F.515, subdivision 2, paragraph (d), or for grants to local units of government for fee title acquisition to permanently protect groundwater supply sources on wellhead protection areas or for otherwise ensuring long-term protection of groundwater supply sources as described under alternative management tools in the Department of Agriculture's Nitrogen Fertilizer Management Plan, including low nitrogen cropping systems or implementing nitrogen fertilizer best management practices. Priority must be placed on land that is located where the vulnerability of the drinking water supply is designated as high or very high by the commissioner of health, where drinking water protection plans have identified specific activities that will achieve long-term protection, and on lands with expiring Conservation Reserve Program contracts. Up to $105,000 is for deposit in a monitoring and enforcement account.

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Proposed measurable outcomes TBD

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Minnesota Board of Water & Soil Resources
(651) 296-3767
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520 Lafayette Road North
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