2015 Terrebonne Creek, Beau Gerlot Creek, and Lower Badger Creek Sub-Watersheds Water Quality Improvement Projects

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2015 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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Clean Water Fund
Red Lake SWCD
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Local/Regional Government
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March 2015
End Date
December 2018
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Red Lake
Red Lake
Project Overview

The Clearwater River from the Lost River to Beau Gerlot Creek and from the Lower Badger Creek to the Red Lake River is on the Total Maximum Daily Load Impaired Waters List for Turbidity. Red Lake County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) has targeted five sites in the Terrebonne Creek, Beau Gerlot Creek, and Lower Badger Creek subwatersheds of the Clearwater River Watershed; with the potential of an additional five to ten more projects, based on data analysis obtained from a number of models. The data identified which sub-watersheds were contributing to these impairments, highlighted which fields in those sub-watersheds were contributing the most sediment, and even showed specific locations in the field which were most vulnerable to erosion. Red Lake County SWCD also conducted an Erosion Site Inventory in 2014, which verified the information from the tools/models, and found landowners in these priority areas that were eager to fix the erosion problems on their fields. Water Quality Improvement Projects, which include but are not limited to, grade stabilization structures, grassed waterways, and water & sediment basins, will be the Best Management Practices implemented to correct the erosion that is occurring at these site locations. The five proposed installed practices result in the following soil loss reductions numbers: Sediment (TSS) will be 124 tons per year, Soil (estimated savings) will be 408 tons per year and Phosphorus (est. reduction) will be 119 pounds per year, which will protect and preserve the resource value of soil on the land and reduce sediment loading to the Clearwater River.

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See http://www.bwsr.state.mn.us/aboutbwsr/index.html and http://www.bwsr.state.mn.us/aboutbwsr/boarddirectory.pdf

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Nicole Clapp

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Laws of Minnesota 2013, Regular Session chapter 137
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The Clearwater River is sediment impaired. The five proposed conservation practices are estimated to result in a sediment reduction of 123 tons per year and a phosphorus reduction of 118 pounds per year to the Clearwater River.

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Members for Red Lake SWCD are: David Bachand, David Miller, Linda Mickelson, Mark Lacrosse, Orville Knott
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Red Lake SWCD
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