2014 Clean Water Retrofit Partnership

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2014 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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Clean Water Fund
Dakota SWCD
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Local/Regional Government
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March 2014
End Date
December 2016
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Legal Citation / Subdivision
Laws of Minnesota 2013, Regular Session chapter 137
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2014 Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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This project will result in an estimated .2% phosphorus reduction.

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Recipient Board Members
Members for Dakota SWCD are: Bob Leifeld, Chris Nielsen, Don Marthaler, Doug Willie, Duane Ness, Gene Stoffel, Greg Langer, Guenther Moesler, John Dudley, John Schumacher, Joseph Meyers, Kevin Chamberlain, Laura Zanmiller, Linda Hardy, Marian Brown, Mark Ceminsky, Mike Rademacher, Peggy Varien, Pete Storlie, Robert Lind, Robert Winter
Project Overview

This project targets retrofit stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) on public land to assist partnering Local Government Units (LGUs) achieve water quality goals identified in local stormwater plans. The Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) provides technical assistance and distributes Clean Water Funding (CWF) to leverage local funding through its time-proven Stormwater Retrofit Partnership (Partnership) cost share program. Between 2010 and 2012, eight LGUs in Dakota County used CWFs through this successful program to install 44 retrofit BMPs in 12 projects that provided treatment for 140 acres of urban drainage to reduce sediment by 10 tons, phosphorus by 64 pounds and stormwater volumes by 52 acre-ft.

In this project, the Partnership will target additional retrofit projects using proven methods that match local water management plan priority sites with effective BMPs using ranking criteria that includes pollutant load modeling, benefits to receiving waters, cost benefit ratios, and site suitability. Based on documented past performance, target goals are to install up to 20 retrofit BMPs that provide treatment for at least 100 acres of urban drainage to reduce sediment by 6 tons, phosphorus by 40 pounds and stormwater volumes by 30 acre-ft. Priority will be given to target projects in areas with completed Total Maximum Daily Load studies and identified local water plans, and those identified using subwatershed analyses.

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Dakota SWCD
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4100 220th Street W, Suite 102
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Nicole Clapp