Minnesota State and Regional Parks and Trails Legacy Plan

The legislature requested that the Department of Natural Resources develop a 25-year long range plan in collaboration with other park and trail providers and park and trail user organizations.  A 10 year strategic coordination plan was also required.  Legislative requirements for the plan included:

  • A vision
  • A proposed definition of parks and trails of regional significance
  • A plan to increase the number of visitors to state and regional parks
  • Assessment of the need for new or expanded regional outdoor recreation systems to preserve and connect high-quality, diverse natural resources in areas with concentrated and increasing populations
  • Budgeting for ongoing maintenance
  • Decommissions
  • A plan for trails that takes into account connectivity and the potential for use by commuters
  • Requirements for local contribution
  • Benchmarks

The 25 year Parks and Trails Legacy plan.

Learn more about the public participation  process for the Parks and Trails Legacy plan.  

Seven work groups used public input and existing research to develop recommendations.