2012 Clean Water Fund Performance Report

Minnesota agencies released their first collaborative report in February 2012 to help Minnesotans clarify connections between Clean Water Funds invested, actions taken and outcomes achieved in FY2010-2011. Eighteen measures in the report provide a snapshot of how Clean Water Fund dollars are being spent and what progress has been made. The measures are organized into three sections: investment, surface water quality, and drinking water protection. Each measure has detailed status ranking and trend information. 

This report card is a summary of the 2012 Clean Water Performance Report. The report card is based on scores for 18 measures, providing a qualitative assessment of how well actions are being implemented and what outcomes are being achieved. 

The metadata worksheets provide detailed information on each of the 18 investment, surface water and drinking water measures included in the 2012 Clean Water Fund Performance Report. Each metadata worksheet includes measure background, methodology used, target or goal, supporting data, caveats and limitations, staff contacts and other useful information. The metadata serves as the foundation for the performance measures and provide documentation necessary to collect consistent and accurate data for the measures over time.