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Bois de Sioux WD
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Through the Mustinka River Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy high priority locations have been identified as critical areas to reduce sediment from agricultural fields. The goal of this project is to target one of the areas that is of high concern, the watershed of Traverse County Ditch 37. This effort intends to begin a program to install side inlets and erosion control berms along the ditch with the goal of reducing the sediment load by 340 tons of sediment per year.

Fiscal Year Funding Amount
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This program is designed to attract new audiences to Minnesota State Parks. Primarily young families and young adults that often look beyond state parks for their means of recreation, along with youth looking for an “extreme” or “adventure” experience. Programs will offer participants the opportunity to experience rock climbing, outdoors on real rock. This program targets the state’s climbing parks (Blue Mounds, Interstate and Tettegouche State Parks) by offering one “I Can Climb!” - rock climbing experience - every month from June to August at each of the climbing parks.