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Office of the Revisor of Statutes
2013 Fiscal Year Funding Amount

The Historical Rulemaking Web Site will allow legislators, state agency staff, the Office of Administrative Hearings, and the general public to track the progress of administrative rulemaking from 1983 to date.  The project involves extracting the public information contained in an internal rule tracking system maintained by the Office of the Revisor of Statutes and displaying the information on a public web site.  In addition, the project involves scanning of additional historical documents, such as State Registers, and providing a method for historical documents in the possession of state

Science Museum of Minnesota
2010 Fiscal Year Funding Amount

Overall Project Outcome and Results

Big Stone
Blue Earth
Science Museum of Minnesota - St. Croix Watershed Research Station
2015 Fiscal Year Funding Amount

Minnesota has widespread water quality impairments due to nonpoint-source pollution generated by agricultural, urban, and other human-altered lands. Mitigation of these impairments requires implementing best management practices (BMPs) that are designed to limit soil erosion and nutrient transport from lands to receiving waters. Long-term data sets of water quality and land-use history are needed to tease apart the many factors that affect water quality. In particular, data sets that span periods before and after BMP implementation are needed to determine BMP effectiveness.